Trans professor defends paedophiles (

Calls them “minor attracted persons”.

What do you think?

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1 year ago

WTF is wrong with people. The woke agenda is a pile of s**t and this person is dealing it. I have to tell you right off the bat: you. are. not. a. man. You never will be. However, you may be a pedo hiding behind your woke agenda and the super f****d up excuses you are making for all the other skinners out there. You are one POS and to be so proud of doing what you are doing and getting paid is nothing more than dealing for the elite pedos out there. Be proud, you make no sense and will soon be dealing with your karma.

1 year ago

if we lived in normal society, this degenerate would be in concentration camp, but we live in society totally controlled and run by j00s and their shabbos goyim and these freaks are totally free to groom your kids and if you dare to ask a questions, you are labelled as a facsist, n**i, bigot…etc…honestly i dont care if some j00 or some other kind of degenerate call me anything, i will quickly place him where he belongs to