Satanic/sex kitten imagery in Noah Cyrus's music

 First is the checkered masonic floor and her in a ritual blood bath

Second is a mockery of Jesus and the crown of thorns

Third is her in lingerie with her monarch butterfly.

Fourth is the black hole sun which is a symbol of destruction and rebirth. The sun worshippers believe the black hole sun will consume everyone and they have to do rituals to the sun gods to protect them from it.

Fifth is her as a bride with a dagger on Spotify. Is this symbolic of her recently becoming a bride of some sort of new age cult?

And last here is the canceled album cover of hers that is symbolic proof she is a sex kitten. I couldn’t upload it here so here is the link: 

NC-17 | Noah Cyrus Wiki | Fandom

What do you think?

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9 months ago

Noah is the name of a harbinger of worldwide destruction.
She wears a cowboy hat with a seeming veil and white lingerie – implying USA? And a bride (inversion of Christ and His church?) On the cover titled ” The End Of Everything”
I think these demons have big plans for the US. I rebuke them. May God foil their intents and leave them in the wake of their own miseries designed for others. May He open the eyes of those embroiled in this evil and save them while there is still time.

9 months ago

Butterfly tat on her hand too.

Facts not theories
Facts not theories
9 months ago

Good stuff, this is what every post on here should be like. If you see something like the checkered board blood bath, dive deeper and find a few more examples.

good post