George Michael documentary (

George Michael quote from the Daily Mail article: 

“‘And all I wanted at that time was success. You have a right to walk away. The music industry takes away that right from every artist it signs.”

George Michael’s very public struggles are well documented, but apparently there is a new documentary due to be released soon.

I have always had my suspicions about his death. George Michael, like Prince, like Michael Jackson – all dealt with Sony and had major issues with the label.

All died young in strange circumstances.

What do you think?

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1 year ago

I was really proud of him for asserting his Independence and walking away ~ at the height of his popularity, no less. Later on, it seemed like they were dragging him back. I’ll be very interested to see the documentary. Hope it gives a fair representation, for his sake.

Sherry Ridge
Sherry Ridge
1 year ago

Prince wasn’t with Sony!
I believe it was Warner Bros.