Turning Red one eye pose

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2 months ago

I had to turn this movie off because of all the subliminal messages. I didn’t want my 2 yr old picking up on what he was seeing. He’s very smart, and they liked to call people names and there was fighting in it. It’s not just really a movie for young children.

2 months ago

Part of the plot of this film is about a 13 year old girl’s first monthly cycle which turns her into a red panda. In tantra, the female cycles are called kalas, and are ruled by Kali, who is ostensibly a goddess but is actually the entity called Satan in the west. The one eye image here also shows the girl sticking her tongue out which is Kali iconography. Kali killed a demon and drank his blood, which consumed her with bloodlust. And the title Turning Red is in addition to the obvious connotations a reference to alchemy which is tantra in western form. Red is rubedo, the final stage, when one raises kundalini and becomes one with “the divine,” aka is possessed or consumed by this Kali entity. Kali’s color is red. The film even references a ritual to take place on the “night of the Red Moon” and the kalas are related to lunar cycles. Kali in the avatar of Rohini, which means red, rules those cycles (she is the Biblical Scarlet Woman). This movie is dangerously occult, it may even be a s*x magick ritual, please don’t take your kids to see it. The Kali entity is the personified kundalini serpent, which is the serpent in Eden that caused the fall of man. It is obsessed with human reproduction, I believe to somehow be born physically in order to manifest as the Antichrist.