CBS manages to complain about "transgender acceptance" in Ukraine amid a brutal war

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1 year ago

Normies need to stop ignoring the Satanists when they speak candidly about what they are up to.

There was a post on GreatAwakening dot win showing an overlay of the bombings that happened with Ukrainian U.S. bio lab locations. I’m on team Russia for however this goes down. The cabal is obviously up to no good in Ukraine.

1 year ago

well don’t you think everybody should have the right to live like a normal human and be seen as one?

it’s scientifcally proven that gender has nothing to do with sex, there are brain scans of trans people, and that gender is already formed AT BIRTH, it’s in the brain, and you can have a different brain (everybody has a female brain at first then if there is alphabetaproteine then it stops the testosterone to entering the brain and making it masculine. but brain and body forms at different times. )