No more 'Sir' and 'Miss' as charity urges children to say 'Teacher' (

A training session held by a pro-LGBT education charity has recommended that school pupils should refer to their tutors as ‘teacher’ instead of gendered titles such as ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’.

What do you think?

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Not Amused
Not Amused
7 months ago

They’ll have a job! We always called our teachers Sir or Miss, and all women teachers were called Miss, even if they were a Mrs.. It didn’t matter what they said, we kept doing it, especially when we required their attention urgently, as Miss and Sir are single-syllable words that can be fired like gun-shots, lol. It must be hard-wired into kids.
It is worrying though because it can only mean they’re planning to employ more and more Alphabet- Agenda people as teachers, which is very bad indeed!