Mk ultra victim on Dr. Phil

This woman calls her personalities “programs” and has 10 of them. She also admits she doesn’t even remember writing into the show. It isn’t is a surprise that dr Phil was willing to exploit her for a paycheck. You can tell they lured her into appearing on the show with the promise of freedom.

What do you think?

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11 months ago

This footage was utterly chilling. You can clearly sense the demonic imprints bubbling underneath her personas. May she be liberated from her suffering swiftly.

11 months ago
Reply to  simon

How did she get the mk sessions … Did the CIA abducted her?
Not convincing n Dr Phill is an illuminothing himself …

11 months ago

Seems like a cool person. I didn’t get any sense that she was lying. Just frustrated and unsure how to deal with this bullshit.

11 months ago

How on God’s Earth did this poor woman end up in the hands of these cretins? We will never know because they have probably erased this from her memory. I can foresee no happy ending to this. She will be permanently medicated. It seems that only a miracle or death will be this poor woman’s release.

Jennifer Bried
Jennifer Bried
11 months ago

All she really needs is a Catholic excorcism.
They are not personalities they are demonic posession.
It happens when the victim=satanic sacrificial victim is spared because she decides to take part in the sacricice and tortures or kills other victims.
Most os the practicing satanists are this type.
Many are born into it and must follow orders of their family members who also commit horrible satanic rituals.
When you submit and join the ones who are practicing satanists, rather than being a victim who is killed, you lose your soul.
Anyone who has participated in satanic rituals loses their souls and becomes possessed.
They are then under total control of Lucifer with no free will, most as dominators/masters but some are forced to be submissive slaves also.
S&M is satanism.
It is the religion of Lucifer and is practiced by anyone who has money over a certain amount. If you come into money over a certain amount, you must join, it gradually changes over time. The bankers are the Popes of the religion of Luciferianism, and run satanism and freemasonry. They give the most money to the ones who do the most brutal and horrific satanic rituals.
The first initiation ritual one must do is either participate as the victimizer, or become one.
That is why there are so many of them.
It beginssometimes when they get lots of MONEY and FAME.
They always concede because they do not wish to lose that money and fame, they will torture and kill babies and children to keep it all.
Sometimes the kidnapped victims with nothing participate because they have been tortured and abused all their entire lives.
An example is: those in the music and motion picture industry, in TV & Hollywood. Most of the money they get is gratis for their service to Lucifer.
The TV news people all start with homosexuality and S&M, they like it, it is less evil then real satanic rituals become, once they get the big money from TV, they progress for S&M low key activities which are satanism to the real henious acts in the higher satanic cults.
It is in the vatican, all the governments, and of course among all the Royals and the idle rich.
Everyone who calls all of us: “useless eaters”.
A useless eater is one who worships God and has a soul=to be used as a victim of satanic rituals.
A Productive person is someone who practices satanic rituals and serves satan, ridding the world of Christiand and people of God, for SATAN.

10 months ago
Reply to  Jennifer Bried

BDSM is not satanic. Neither is homosexuality. It’s just not “the norm” to you so you dislike it.