Kanye West covers his face with black balaclava at the airport (

Kanye West caused a stir when he was spotted by fans at the airport on Friday. Despite Ye’s attempt to go incognito by covering his face in a black balaclava, he was swarmed by onlookers.

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1 year ago

He is doing what he can to cancel himself.

1 year ago

I’m starting to think this is the illuminati’s next predictive programming.

They’ve had kim and others do this, plus the murderous “staff” of their weird new netflix death show have their full faces covered like this.

First they had/have the people cover their faces with masks, and now predictive programming that they will want us to cover our eyes too. Oh, but it will be oh so fashionable! The NPCs will be glad to since they saw “all their faves” doing it. Or, they may just try to mandate it.

Fauci already tried, talking about covering eyes, and a surprising many actually did it.