Macron wants to annoy France's COVID unvaccinated 'to the bitter end' (

Quoting with his interview at “Le Parisien”  :

“I want to annoy  those who do not want to get vaxxed”

“the irresponsible are no longer citizens”

He use the word “emmerder” wich litteraly means “put in the s**t” or less vulgar “annoy”, “piss off”

On twitter hashgags as “macron dismissal”, “macron is a psycho” “vaccine pass of shame” and “Louis XIV” the last king of France who got beheated by the french because of his bad behavior

Many people are calling for a revolution, some comparing the fact that Louis XIV got killed for less than that

The vaccin pass are supposed to be placed on january 15th and the presidential elections on march

(Fun fact: a message that he send to the health minister “we are going to have these assholes” and in a recent interview he admit that “he finaly is starting to like the french” after 5 years at the head of the country)

What do you think?

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1 year ago

Je lui pisse à la raie

1 year ago

And what is this ‘bitter end’ Mr Macron?