Eric Clapton claims vaccinated are victims of 'hypnosis'  (

The singer, 76, previously claimed he suffered alarming side effects after his AstraZeneca jabs and released ant-lockdown single Stand And Deliver with Van Morrison in 2020.

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8 months ago

Maas hypsnosis: Belgian psychologist, psychotherapist and statistian Matthias Desmet (and others) explained this phenomenon of mass hypnosis. In groups, regions, countries. Or in continents.
Matthias shows and analyzes the formation of mass hypnosis in some interviews on yt.
Worth while watching.

The needed conditions to ‘bewitch’ a population, were long present before Covid/ december 2019.
Insecurity about work, income and housing, few real social ideals, isolation, detachment from others, detachment from self, addictions, reality no more reflected in media or art, little connection in traditional bondings, families falling apart, lack of religion, deep connections and lack of natural solidarity.

This state of mass hypnosis is/was spread all over the Western world.
By now the whole world is more or less affected.

The hypnotic state of not understanding reality is actively being spread by politicians (mostly selected, not elected) mass media (the fifth power), social media, the corrupted and spoilt academia, by so called science and even by large parts of the medical world.
I find it amazing that so many people in a short time lost their common sense.
But, the fertile ground for this ‘zombie state’ was laid for the last 30 years. Even earlier.

The NWO propaganda says: you people…you go back to real slavery: we: the NWO….we own you.
So: TINA: there is no alternative. History is dead, There are no great inspiring stories or real visionaries/leaders. NOW you do what WE SAY.

Btw: in those NWO circles: Every Religion (except THEIRS) is regarded ridiculous. And backward.
Ergo: the slaves have nothing special to live for. Monkees. Plebs.

Hopefully this too shall pass…..soon. Keep the faith.

8 months ago
Reply to  Chandra

I certainly agree with what you said, but we may have to be MORE watchful, not less if this insanity does end soon. There may be a deeper game being played.

I would encourage anyone reading this to do some research on the Occultist Alice Bailey. In her 1940’s book, ‘The Externalization of the Hierarchy’, she writes that there will not be one coming New World Order, but TWO. The first, created by the Satanic Elite is *designed* to fail. Then out of that chaos will emerge her ‘christ’ (who is obviously not Jesus Christ of Nazareth), this guy will then implement the second NWO, which is supposed to be her Occultist Utopia.

This actually does comport with Scripture quite well, as Jesus said the Antichrist/Beast/Man of Sin, whatever you want to call him, must come before He does. I suspect that in the first NWO’s fall & the ensuing chaos, that this False Christ will betray many, if not most, of the Elites who have served him & they will be destroyed. Thus seeming to be this Great Hero to the exhausted world, he can then implement his deceptive plan with little suspicion or resistance.