The Economist Cover with Inverted Pentagram (Dec-2021)

The Economist Cover with Inverted Pentagram (Dec-2021)

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  1. I’ve got a symbol for these symbol loving sycophants -who delude themselves into believing they are somehow better than the rest of humanity. It’s the timeless symbol of the cross of Jesus Christ, which will remain relevant and powerful long, long after all their “secret” symbols have vanished into the obscurity and oblivion of blackest darkness.

    This symbol is raised up high, on a hill for all to see, and serves a beacon of hope for mankind. For all who would grasp the roughened, bloodied wood on bended knee of humility, in attitude of repentant sorrow for all their evil deeds; can rise again to their feet anew. Jesus arose three days after his body was placed into the grave. Because of His victory we also can be raised to life here, now; and again when He returns in all glory and power.

    Let these godless heathens have this world. Let them have their secret meetings and worldly influences. They march upon the broad road, tromping resolutely to their doom. Those of us who have been redeemed from this world toil across the mountainous ridges of life, following a narrow track. We march resolutely forward with a light upon our path and a beacon of light calling us ever onward.

    “For it is one thing to see the Land of Peace from a distant ridge, and yet another to tread the road which leads to it.” – St. Augustine

    • The Cross, is the sign of Satan’s win. Jesus did not die on a cross.

      Jesus was raised, is alive, will return, and BREAK the CROSS.

  2. what in the ****!! i wish more people would wake up!! there is no denying satanists run the world! only if you have the eyes to see

    • Gullible people think satanist run the world.
      These same people follow the system of satan.

      Media (Social, movies, news) constantly bombarding your brain with their system. (you can turn it off)
      Usury: Don’t deal with Interest.
      Morality: Fornication/Lewdness is as bad as LGBTQ. Repent and ask forgiveness from the One True God of Adam, Noah, Lot, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed.

      Their control stops when you stop following their system. You can see that they gathered 80 Nations (including muslim ones) to fight True believers in Afghanistan and failed miserably, simply because Afghans chose to worship the true God.

      If all of the world got together to create a wing of a fly, as it exists now, they could not.

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