Pandemic boosts super-rich share of global wealth (

The share of household wealth owned by billionaires has risen by a record amount during the pandemic, with millionaires also coming out of COVID-19 ahead, a study found on Tuesday.

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1 year ago

I’m looking at this picture above, of all those sleek yachts -the display of earthly luxury that wealth brings. And I shudder! I wouldn’t want to be like these people for anything. What they have is only the illusion of wealth. Without the love of their Creator in their hearts, the greatest thing they have are but crumbs for the dogs beneath the table. (Mark 7:24-30) Oh, but they would be given the gift of repentance and humility the Canaanite woman had -for she will be raised again to life, clothed with immortality -to enter into the joy of life eternal in the presence and light of her Creator; dearly beloved. Not so for those whose god is the mammon of this world, who love not the Truth which could save them, who reject the gift of God and trample under their feet the Word of God; disdaining Jesus as unworthy of knowing. Theirs shall be a bitter fate of blackest darkness, gnashing of teeth and despair untold.