“Non-Binary” Academic Tries To Normalize MAPS (Minor-Attracted Persons) aka Pedos

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1 year ago

Why do we let this little squeaky voiced soothesayer twerp (why do all woke speak and affect the mannerisms? You notice it? As though they all attended some mass brainwash seminar and the hallmark is manic yet breathy speech coupled with sympathetic nods yet insane eye expressions…anyways..why is this creature permitted to spread this garbage? Oh wait. We live in a world where pop culture attention seeking egghead intellectuals like Richard Dawkins (no wisdom in” by the numbers pseudo subversive reductionist propaganda.” But the MSM and liberal Academia slobber all over his type. )
Are permitted to endorse this sickness.
Richard Dawkins literally made a statement proclaiming that teaching children about GOD is “a far worse abuse than some mild molestation or groping by the priests. The kid can get over that but telling him about God and hell..thats abuse.”
Go on and see yourself. Not one eye batted. No oun intended.
So when i see this i see the work of NAMBLA and LGBQT and Dawkinites come to fruition.
In certain places in the world, the village would knock in this creatures door, drag it out to where they can stone it. Because waste of space would ve an improvement. This is a disease and needs to be eradicated