Britney Spears posts picture of her handcuffed

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10 months ago

That’s really sad. Why Britney Spears being so mistreated for so long? You see, Christina Aguilera is doing her thing. It’s obvious how everything is wrong with her and people are still sleeping thinking she’s free.

10 months ago

It is sad. And to see all the people posting responses like, “This isn’t a good photo shoot”

TBH: I think her family is gearing up to sacrifice her. 🙁 I hope and pray that I’m wrong. But I’m seeing Madonna dressing like Marilyn Monroe, and Tailor Swift dressing like Princess Diana, then Britney wearing collars that have “blood” coming out of them, like here and another photo in a choker with pink ends on her hair.

And now since the illuminati just sucked Kanye back in, and is doing embarrassing rituals specifically mocking Kanye with Britney’s situation, that’s just another clue.

It’s like, “Yep, my hands are tied in yellow (like the yellow shirt free britney had her wear), and this is the plan for me.”

There is a new documentary called Slave Princess, all about her and how her family takes her $$$. The plan seems to be, “You’ll be making less money now, so we can be through with you.”
These satanist psychos only think someone’s life matters if there is something in it for them, and it seems Britney’s fan-ship is waning. The Free Britney folks don’t want money going to her family, and the newer fans aren’t that impressed with the work that’s being put out.

I really hope I’m wrong, or that something happens to save her.

God bless her, and keep her, Let your face shine upon, and be gracious to her. In Jesus’s name Amen.

10 months ago
Reply to  hope

Dying is sometimes a good thing. I am a Harry Styles fan but I wish he will get out of Hollywood, maybe heaven or home. Right now his fans cannot see him giving signs and they will get it when it is too late.